Reflections – Ongoing development

The theme of ongoing development is rarely far from these posts, nor in fact from my activities of coaching and training. I believe we all have it in us to live a life aligned with our potential, the challenge is to bring this into being.

The exertion to find learning in mistakes, take the positive elements from less than satisfying experiences, and focus on ‘what went right’ is no greater than that required to dwell on ‘what went wrong’, though not all may choose to agree with this.

Right now we can choose to search out activities in the form of ongoing development to provide opportunities for our natural skills, creativity and resourcefulness to surface. Seeking them is itself a positive step, as we concentrate on living in accordance with our guiding values.

On the contrary, clinging to what isn’t working saps energy and destroys enthusiasm. We can be so wrapped up in the subtle idea propagated by sections of society that we cannot ‘change our lot’, we may shy away from even attempting. And in doing so add weight to the idea itself.

Yet each of us is an individual and our circumstances – those of today and tomorrow – represent the results of personal inputs and efforts.

According to the American statesman, inventor and scientist Benjamin  Franklin: “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Thanks for reading this today. If you wish, please feel free to share your perspectives on the question of ongoing development by leaving a comment below.

Kindest regards.



2 Responses to Reflections – Ongoing development

  1. Carol Brown says:

    Recently i have let go of all the negative people in my life including some family members.They were draining my energy and not allowing to move forward in my life.Also this past few weeks I have had soime health issues and had I listened to my nay say friends I would not have gone to the doctor to find out what was really wrong for that I am gratful to friends and life coaches in my life.Including you Brian…you have so many wonderful thoughts and posts.Thank you and have a blessed week.

  2. bgdtcoaching says:

    Thanks Carol. By following your heart and living aligned to your values you are surely providing inspiration to many. Your contributions here add richness to my posts.

    Warmest wishes to you.

    Brian 🙂

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