Reflections – Endless learning

According to Confucius: “You cannot open a book without learning something.”

Endless learning – maybe the title should have been Endless opportunities for learning but it’s not a problem – can be found all around us.

In terms of learning from books, being curious is possibly a prerequisite to moving from the first page to the second. And if interest is not present, subsequent pages may well remain hidden to our eyes.

Although I prefer to finish a book, I agree with the idea that there are so many books ‘out there’ we needn’t lose time on one which fails to connect with us. Text books and manuals being, of course, excluded from such thinking…

Years ago I heard the expression “Even a [name of an Italian comedian] film contains some learning” from a respected business leader in Milan. The opinion I believe was not meant as a criticism of the comedian’s work, rather an underlining of the idea that there is learning in everything – if we choose to tap into it.

Many thanks for spending a few moments of your time here today. To share your input on the subject of endless learning, please leave a comment below.

Happy Learning!



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