Reflections – If it works

We may all be in possession of treasured objects, trusty household goods, preferred clothing and the like which, though not necessarily state of the art or the latest must-have items items from London, Paris, Milan or New York, suit our needs.

If it works“, we ask, “why change it?”

Is it useful or beautiful? Or both? Or neither? The reason for our choice is ours to choose.

Extending the question to cover tried and tested procedures, whether in the area of work, study or leisure pursuits, why indeed should we change our way of doing things when the results we obtain from them are aligned to our objectives?

Clarifying our way of being – built upon our values and beliefs – might be an interesting exercise. Yet we need not approach it with the idea that everything is out-dated and requiring change. With an open mind we can explore it for the sake of learning, rather than merely thinking about ‘changing it for the sake of change’.

If it works, all well and good. If it doesn’t, what can we do to remedy it? To what extent could we disregard the behaviour, habit or practice without suffering any loss to our well being?

Thanks for reading this. If it works for you, if you’d like to share your input on the issues raised here today, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.



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