Reflections – Crossing paths

Crossing paths with numerous folk permits many of us to observe a broad spectrum of humankind.

Thinking about how we handle the encounters with the people we meet can define the perception we have of the path itself.

Crossing paths with like-minded people we may feel we are on the right track. Meetings lots of so-called ‘difficult types’ possibly means we are either unlucky or, dare I suggest, unable to see the good aspects of these people due to our own distorted view of the world at that moment.

The significance of the crossing of paths with certain individuals might only become clear after our ways have separated and life has carried us forward.

Some choose to speak of a thread connecting each person in a specific manner or for a particular purpose. I offer no explanation, each has his or her own perspective concerning such things I am sure.

Thanks for crossing paths with this blog post today. If you wish, please feel free to share your thoughts on this issue by leaving a comment below.

Kindest regards.



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