Reflections – June

June is a month just like any other we could argue. Sitting between May and July, it possibly holds little importance besides being a month of relative calm before the summer reaches its peak in the northern hemisphere.

Looking at June from the point of view of our own situation, the month might represent a moment of stocktaking. To what extent, we can ask, has the first half of the year met our expectations? What have been the highlights? And the lessons learnt from the lows? What, if necessary, needs changing now to ensure our year end goals will be achieved?

If the weather permits, the June assessment may even be undertaken in the open air. Connecting with nature oftentimes permits us to really appreciate our current position – regardless of where our plans and projects indicate we should or shouldn’t be.

Accepting this current location as a starting point, we can view the coming six months as opportunities to be enjoyed. After all, if something holds no pleasure for us we could question our involvement with it.

Maybe your perspective of June is another one entirely. Or there again you might be operating on a completely different time scale and have no particular feelings towards June. If, in any case, you’d like to share your input regarding June please leave a comment below.

Thanks for being here today and Happy June to you.



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