How we are more than our possessions

Time to ponder what possessions should be placed in a holdall or overnight bag, ready to be grabbed in the event of an emergency, is something many caught up in the recent earthquakes here in the Emilia region of Italy never had.

Yet what possessions, hypothetically or otherwise, would we choose to keep to hand? Knowing we can’t carry everything, the choice can be tough.

If we feel certain possessions are part of who we are, or provide us in some way with an identity, the thought of their loss can be frightening. Given the volume of messages we are subjected to, it’s easy to understand how we are influenced into believing our possessions determine who we are.

Some possessions may have sentimental value, linked to special  moments, memories or people. Other possessions make life easier, provide pleasure and give a sense of well being. Yet without judging anyone’s perspectives – nor suggesting we can do without any possessions at all – I can’t help thinking how we are more than our possessions.

So, back to the initial question. What would go into the bag? Photos, personal or family valuables, favourite items of clothing? Nothing? And what about the things that cannot be placed in a bag?

According to Carlos Santana, “The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.” After life itself, perhaps?

Thanks for connecting here today. To share your thoughts on the issue of how we are more than our possessions, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.



2 Responses to How we are more than our possessions

  1. Carol Brown says:

    I have to admit Brian I have such a bag.I had to leave my house durning a fire and I was at a total loss as what to grab.In the end it was a folder of papers…. my fathers death cert.,grandparents marriage lisence and such.My cat,my granmother and her dog watched as the fire trucks put out the now I have a fire proof case with the important papers and pictures.Only now it would be the 3 cats I live with that would leave in an emergency.Everything else I keep in my heart.

  2. bgdtcoaching says:

    Thanks Carol for sharing here.

    Your words “Everything else I keep in my heart” echo my thinking right now. Besides computer files and my passport, the treasures of life are stored in my heart.

    Hugs to you 🙂


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