Blending in, often for fear of standing out

Cat walking on a wall

There are occasions when blending in is the wise thing to do.

For whatever reasons, we may need to merge with the crowd or environment, be unnoticed.

Yet from the perspective of living life to the fullest, the fear of standing out deserves some attention today.

 To begin with, we could ponder what exactly we mean by standing out. Possibly we have been taught over the years to blend in, as by standing out we will be considered a show-off.

That this idea could make us feel suffocated is of little relevance, especially if it has become our guiding belief. Carrying such thinking for so long, it can be difficult to express our true self.

However, conceivably you have seen it with friends or even experienced it yourself. Perhaps brought on by a testing event, at a certain moment blending in is no longer acceptable. The result might not be a case of standing out but more standing up, standing up for who we know we really are.

Being oneself need not be accompanied by a fanfare. That the individual aligns to the fullness of life is its own reward. Whether choosing to blend in or stand out, each has the option of deciding based on circumstances and one’s best interests rather than fear of upsetting others.

Or maybe not. If you’d like to offer your thoughts on the subject of blending in, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for connecting.



2 Responses to Blending in, often for fear of standing out

  1. Ewa says:

    Fantastic photograph to match the text!

  2. bgdtcoaching says:

    Thanks Ewa 🙂

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