Taking the side road

Side roads

Taking the side road as opposed to the main street might add time to the journey, but can provide us with unexpected delights. As with life, going beyond the tried and test we may find something pleasing within the expanded awareness.

Though reaching our destination is invariably the purpose whenever we set out on any journey, most often we can choose our route and in this choice lie opportunities to discover the unknown. Each step forward can be an adventure into life itself.

Side roads and back streets – certainly in the city centre – could contain all manner of gems, from architectural wonders to eateries and suchlike. Taking the time and effort to lose ourselves in the side roads may bring rich rewards. And if we are in fine company time spent wandering can be even better.

Thanks for connecting here today. To share your input on the issue of taking the side road, as ever please feel free to leave a comment below.



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