Passion of life

Empty chairs

    “There  is  no  end.  There  is  no  beginning.  There  is  only  the  infinite  passion  of  life”  –  Federico  Fellini.

    The evolution from then to this time, day to night, moves with the passion of life.

     A sense of togetherness coupled with laughter gives way to empty chairs and late evening silence.

    New moments arrive to fill the space and, as one meditation teacher likes to remind the group on a regular basis, “This collection of people, with their unique feelings associated with today, will never assemble again; now is special.”

    So it is with the passion of life. Losing ourselves in it we gain much as it unfolds its presence, drawing us into the realm of being at one with all that surrounds us. Choosing to step away from such an experience, on the contrary, affords us a space to observe and reflect.

    The passion of life, in either case, carries us into the present.

    Whether actively engaging or passively ‘going with the flow’, the highs and lows of life provide texture and colour, substance and energy to our world.

    Perhaps such elements bring their own challenges yet it seems these infinite items enhance and enable our hopes and our dreams to manifest in the transition called ‘Now’: never ending, never beginning.

    Undoubtedly the passion of life could be pondered from as many perspectives as there are stars in the night sky. If you’d like to share your thoughts or insights on this issue please leave a comment below.

    In any case, thanks for stopping by here today.

    Kindest regards.



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