“Management is about arranging and telling.

Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing”

 Tom Peters.

Leadership is a field of study too vast for a fair covering in a few lines right now. Instead I’d like to just reflect upon leadership from a personal perspective, with a nod of thanks to a good friend who although nameless here deserves public recognition.

Looking both inwardly and outwardly, outlining a vision and putting the pieces together for it to be brought to life are key tasks of any leader, whether an individual looking at one’s own life or career, or a creator of a global conglomerate.

The person I have in mind approached this matter with other seemingly often overlooked inputs: “What will make both me and my family happy?” and “To what extent am I prepared to pay the price required to achieve the objective?”

By asking and answering these questions the steps of leadership were taken with as much awareness of ‘the why am I doing this’ as possible, even if at times ‘the how’ was blurred.

Having recently had the opportunity of meeting some of the person’s staff, it seems the team’s needs were also factored into the leadership equation as the vision took shape. Perhaps this is the secret, all stakeholders really are treated as equals by the leader concerned.

Leadership built on inclusion and collaboration, openness and authenticity. Textbook stuff maybe, yet rarely experienced in operation. That such leaders exist bodes well for Society 2.0. The example is, of course, only of one person but then leadership invariably is all about one person.

To share your input and ideas on the issue of leadership in today’s world, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.



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