Radiating beauty


If I promise not to get all soppy and poetic, please permit me to spend a few moments here reflecting on the issue of radiating beauty.

That most things have beauty has already been stated, by many, before.

From a personal perspective although I love the sea, as you will have gathered if you are a regular reader of my posts, I am most at home in cities. With their capacity to channel energy and vibrancy, for me cities are radiating beauty as they support and enhance modern life.

Radiating beauty with its mishmash of concrete and trees, people and machinery, cities develop and evolve in line with the needs of their inhabitants. And the array of life itself adds to that special something to the fabric of the cities.

Countries meet along a single street; a unifying language of survival and hope renders each city dweller a citizen and neighbour. Urban issues of rubbish collection and Wi-Fi coverage radiate their own beauty it could be argued from a perspective of practicality.

Thanks for reading this. If you’d like to share your input on the question of radiating beauty, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.



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