Fifteen thousand

Thank you cycle

“Happiness comes when your words are of benefit to yourself and others” – Buddha.

I certainly wouldn’t claim to suggest my words are of benefit to anyone else, but I enjoy writing these blog posts.

And as the image indicates, besides the small group of subscribers – hugs to you all superstars – one or two other people have taken the time to pass by here, culminating in visit number fifteen thousand last month.

Fifteen thousand times these posts have been looked at and, without supposing each line is actually read on every occasion, given the size of the sea of words surrounding us nowadays that seems pretty amazing to me.

After my coach at the time had challenged me to enter the world of social media, firstly with Facebook and then quickly via Twitter (@bgdtcoaching), the idea of creating a blog was the natural next step for me. I can appreciate setting down words on a regular basis doesn’t appeal to all, yet for me it fitted with my other activities so, fifteen thousand visits later and here we are.

As ever, if you’d like to join the conversation here please feel free to leave a comment below. To receive these posts as e-mails, just complete the box on the right.

Fifteen thousand thanks for being present today.


2 Responses to Fifteen thousand

  1. Ewa says:

    Congratulations, Brian!

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