Asking a question

Spotlight and flipchart

  Asking a question to another person implies we are interested in the answer. And yes, perhaps the answer will inform us, inspire us or intrigue us.

  By asking a question of ourselves, we are focusing our energy on matters oftentimes uppermost in our mind. The answer will almost certainly be already known but, in asking, we are bringing clarity to our ideas.

  Sometimes being asked what we’d like to be asked can itself help us order thoughts in our head. So, what would you like to be asked right now? Why not write down the question and then ponder your answer. Will you do it? Maybe yes or maybe no.

  At the right time, asking a question is a useful tool in our communication toolkit. Within the coaching conversation, questioning is accompanied by powerful listening that includes attention to how and with which words the answer is provided, together with what is not said.

  If you’d like to be asked a question, and have your answer actually heard, please get in touch. In the meantime, thanks for reading this post on asking a question.

  Kindest regards.



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