Rising high


Rising high, in the context of this post, is referring to the efforts we are making and the results being achieved in the adventure of life.

Each of us can choose to measure our own efforts and results against whatever benchmarks we like. Indeed, in a previous post I wrote about ‘success indicators‘ and how we might view comparisons.

If we are being and doing our best then we are rising high within the possibilities of our personal limits, and so deserving praise for this. Provided each person sets the performance bar according to his or her capabilities – allowing for ongoing growth – little more can be asked or expected.

Utterly Utopian I know. We have operated with standards created collectively for so long it’s difficult to imagine the individual ever being trusted to be operating in good faith, and hopefully rising high, without the input of ‘the many’.

Well, just some rambling thoughts today. If you’d like to add to the conversation regarding rising high, as ever please feel at liberty to post a comment below.

Kindest regards.



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