A clean start


A clean start might mean any number of things. Perhaps it is not as important how we interpret it as what we do with it.

We could choose to use each new day as a clean start, an occasion to begin again. Possibly a clean start brings to mind a moment of setting things straight by investing time in ourselves and our immediate environment.

Taking a proactive approach to life is a theme running through many of the posts on this blog. Choosing one’s own definition of a clean start and living out the idea is aligned to this thinking. Though we cannot control everything, we can at least contribute to the manner in which the game of life is played.

Each day, whether it’s washing day or not, offers us the chance to start afresh if we so choose. So with the words of Henry James in mind “It is time to start living the life you have imagined” I will sign off now.

Thanks for reading this today. To share your input on the issue of a clean start, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.



2 Responses to A clean start

  1. Marina says:

    Hello Brian:) Great post–perfect for all of us who are putting off the New Year’s resolutions. I like lists and order, so I have just drawn up a timetable of my daily movements with time devoted to important things like housework, cooking and of course writing. Add the required Twitter discipline and I should achieve more than I do at present. My task today is to write up the timetable in best with lovely colours! Then I’ll put it on my kitchen wall and begin—-tomorrow!:)

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