Backing up


“It takes guts to get out of the ruts” – Robert H. Schuller

Backing up, rather than pressing forward in a seemingly never-ending rut, perhaps to consider our options is something undoubtedly within our power.

Change may not follow immediately, but starting the process surely creates opportunities for its development.

Complaining about our situation without attempting to make any effort to improve our lot gets us nowhere. Backing up our words with actions on the other hand, is a congruent behaviour that indicates we are true to our word. And such actions invariably speak volumes about us.

Nowadays backing up is synonymous with having a copy of all our digital data. Backing up files is certainly a wise move. We may never need to refer to the copies, but without them we risk upset and delay.

The idea of backing up from rushing forward to collect our thoughts – and files and images and music and movies – into some sort of order is similar to looking up from the rut. Creating more data without backing up the existing material could be counterproductive.

Thanks for spending some time here today. To share your input on the issue of backing up, please leave a comment below.

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