Shining bright


“Better to light one candle then to curse the darkness” – Ancient Proverb.

The responsibility for shining bright, living our life to its full potential, is very much a personal matter. We know our current position, actual situation and present circumstances; expecting others to put our best interests first is a risky strategy.

Shining bright may be undertaken in a number of ways. In the post ‘Light the way‘ (click here to read) I set out some ideas. Attention today is focused on our intention in each action. Cursing the darkness possibly refers to inaction. It is a choice, but one unlikely to fill us with the joys of life.

Maximizing each day, shining bright, could on the contrary be a way of embracing the present and really connecting with our senses and emotions, regardless of whatever is occurring in our life at the moment.

When we are receptive to the world around us, a single instance can set our potential shining bright. And as it provides a vehicle of possibilities for us, shining bright could therefore become a continuous form of being, if we so choose.

Thanks for reading this today. To share your input on the issue of shining bright, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Warmest regards.


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