Holding onto the past

West Pier, Brighton, UK

Without entering into the debate concerning the eventual saving of the West Pier situated off the English south coast, holding onto the past or at least aspects of it, is something I guess we all do to various extents.

Cherished memories, mementoes and keepsakes provide a means for us to reconnect with happy times. Photographs of loved and dear ones add their presence to our day. Whatever the form, holding onto the past in this sense is a part of us and enriches our present.

On the other hand, holding onto the past in the form of replaying in our minds failures, negative situations or unhappy events could be a way of limiting who we are today. Though it may not be easy to let go of these ‘defining’ occurrences – ‘defining’ because we choose them to speak for us even after they are most likely long over – without doing so it is difficult to move on.

So, what about if, we gently, mentally, thank them for their presence with us to date and then virtually place them under our seat. How would a few moments in the comfort and safety of our home, office or car be, free from holding onto the past? What effect might this freedom have on our present outlook towards the future?

Thanks for connecting today. If the issue of holding onto the past stirs you to the point of wanting to share your input, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.


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