Noting similarities


“Putting aside our differences permits our similarities to shine bright.” – #one_world

Noting similarities is possibly as much a mindset as an exercise in seeing people before us. How we choose to see others impacts on how we treat them and ultimately on how we live our life: closed and cautious or open and curious.

We could also choose to move through life without any regard for those around us, centred in our own thoughts. Yet when we do start noting similarities between others and ourselves, the elements used by some as barriers to peace – language, culture and religion – may seem of secondary importance.

Without suggesting any way is the best way to handle the huge question of integration, by noting similarities some basic truths seem pertinent: cut us and we all bleed, despise us and we all suffer, love us and we all feel special.

Thank you so much for reading this today. To share your input on the issue of noting similarities, please leave a comment below.

Warmest regards.


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2 Responses to Noting similarities

  1. Hello Brian–thank you for another thought-provoking blog post. I love your sentiment–humanity tends to look for the differences between peoples, nations, gender etc. How refreshing to look at the similarities! In finding the deep truth within ourselves, all barriers are dropped and truthful, honest communication is easy—when wrapped in humility and non-agenda. All judgement is gone. Open, honest sharing goes straight to the heart and soul, celebrating our similarities. This ultimately becomes a wonderful dance in which we can all participate:)
    Marina X.

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Marina,

      Your words sum up so well my intention behind the writing of this post. Life is indeed a wonderful dance in which we can all participate.

      Hugs and thanks for connecting here.

      Brian 🙂

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