Beyond the limits

Park fence

“Being mindful of our limits helps us overcome them.” – #bgdtcoaching.

From this side of the fence the view beyond the limits may frighten or inspire us. How we see it could depend on how we feel things are right now.

Our location certainly indicates where we are right now. Yet seeing beyond the limits – those possibly imposed by physical, mental or financial conditions – is often the first step towards actually going beyond them.

Alternatively, we may prefer to stand at the proverbial fence and rest in the supposed safety of our comfort zone. Here the challenges of life seem manageable. With such a mindset the idea of going beyond the limits would most likely seem unappealing.

Yet even if we have just a glimpse beyond the limits it may be difficult to accept the current situation is the sum total of our potential. And this might be enough to ensure our actions become aligned to our goals, those located beyond the limits. So yes, being mindful of our limits does indeed help us overcome them.

Many thanks for your presence here today. To share your input regarding beyond the limits, please leave a comment below.

Warmest regards.


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