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“Daily we are required to choose and each choice can reflect what is important to us.” – #bgdtcoaching.

For many, if not most of us, we have numerous opportunities and almost endless choice as we go about our activities.

Whether it relates to aspects of work, development or any other area of life, choice abounds and our decisions say much about us.

Choice deriving from values, beliefs or even habits likewise form part of life. In these instances we often attach our identity to the choices made. For example, we might hear: “We never eat meat”, “We buy only local produce” or “We always have a coffee in the bar across the road before entering the office.”

Any why not? Provided the choice is still relevant to who we are and how we feel right now, such practices give shape to our days. Of course, if the choices no longer enhance our life we could question their presence in our routine.

And when there appears to be no choice? In such circumstances, if life seems to offer us little room to choose, the only option might be to accept the moment, knowing it too will pass.

Choosing to stop now, let me thank you for connecting here today. To join the conversation on the issue of choice, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.


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2 Responses to Choice

  1. Hello Brian:) Thank you for yet another thought-provoking blog post. I have been considering choice recently, especially since reading Carl Bozeman’s insightful book; ‘On Human Being’. Do you know Carl’s inspiring work? It certainly opens a whole new window on—everything! I think the ‘choice’ element of our lives can be separated into the everyday, little choices that we, in our human guise, make and the grand, life choices over which we perhaps don’t quite own the power we think we do! More to discuss here, I’m sure!
    Blessings on your day. Marina X

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Marina,

      Yes, choice is a truly interesting part of life and worthy of consideration. I will look into Bozeman’s book, thanks for the tip.

      Hope your day is flowing nicely 🙂



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