Negotiating obstacles

Cycle path

“The presence of an obstacle provides the occasion for expanding our awareness.” – #bgdtcoaching.

Perhaps the first step in the process of negotiating obstacles is to admit, even if only to ourselves, that progress has been upset. Our strategy of pushing forward at full pelt might need to be amended to take into consideration new conditions.

With hindsight the belief that obstacles would not appear can look idealistic. Now we may find the way forward needs more attention than previously required. Accordingly, negotiating obstacles becomes almost an exercise in managing ourselves or at least our resources.

Stepping back, observing the obstacles and also the choices before us, we can select the best course of action to get us beyond the moment. Alternatively, acknowledging the obstacles are greater than our ability to handle them, we could decide to give up and change our objectives. In either case we gain learning, valuable for future occasions when our negotiating obstacles skills are called on.

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2 Responses to Negotiating obstacles

  1. Maria Parraga says:

    Hello Brian. Your are right about saying to negotiate obstacle. It is not a matter of quitting, it is a matter of learning and brushing up. THX

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Maria,

      Lovely to see you here and to read your input regarding the importance of learning.

      Best wishes to you.

      Brian 🙂

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