Structures by definition give shape to and support our life.

  • Architectural structures

We can associate certain structures with particular locations: the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the London Eye, for example. These constructions impact on us as they either blend in with the surrounding buildings or stand out, perhaps for their audaciousness and oftentimes for their beauty.

  • Mental structures

Our mindset, our mental structures, influence our everyday life in a similar fashion. We might be the type of person who likes or needs everything to be highly organized and clearly structured. Alternatively, we could prefer spontaneity of thinking and appreciate a more carefree way of dealing with challenges and tasks.

  • Development structures

Within this category of structures we can include those items designed to help us reinforce and maintain ways of being. The knot in the handkerchief is one such structure. Likewise we could use a post-it note on the fridge door or set an alarm notice on the mobile phone. In each case the structure helps us to reach the point in which our desired habit becomes just that, a habit.

Thanks for stopping by here today. To share your thoughts on the subject of structures, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.


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4 Responses to Structures

  1. Very interesting–thanks for your thoughts Brian. Personally, I find that the more solid my ‘everyday’ structures, the more freedom I achieve in other ways. If my wings are oiled and maintained in a regular, structured way then I can fly high–whenever!:) But then I’m probably a strange mixture of enjoying organized routine alongside mystical adventuring! At least I get the regular tasks done–otherwise goodness knows where I’d be! The laundry would never be done; that’s for sure!

    I have also found this to be true of the alternative, holistic educational system I support. The organic ‘freedom’ of the pupil requires a more ‘solid’ structure as foundation than the regular educational system demands. So–my personal deduction is that the strong structures are vital–as long as we rise above them and insist that ‘we’ are in charge rather than the other way around. I personally believe that we diminish our true potential if we allow structures and systems to be ‘in charge’of us. I hope that makes sense?
    Love and best wishes from Marina 🙂

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Many thanks Marina. I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas and can see your perspective regarding using ‘everyday’ structures to allow the imagination to fly. Having structures that help us seems sensible; being mastered by structures, on the other hand, indeed clips our wings.

      Kindest regards.

      Brian 🙂

  2. Hello Brian, I think that a certain amount of structure is needed by most of us, if for nothing more than reassurance. Thus by having some structure as a sort of security blanket, it could allow a bit more spontaneity. I know this is generalizing, but I’m merely talking about a certain segment of the population. I hope all is well with you and hugs to you! (=

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Hansi,

      Good point. Provided the structures work for us, rather than against us, they can it seems be beneficial to us.

      Many thanks for connecting here and hugs to you too 🙂


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