Big cheese

Big cheese

“Big cheese: informal an important person” – Oxford Dictionary of English.

Thinking about the composition of a typical team, department or group of collaborators, we can usually find one or two candidates for the title of big cheese. Maybe it is you.

Regardless of who it turns out to be, let’s spend a few moments looking at some of the characteristics of the big cheese.

She or he is most likely a point of reference for everyone. Nothing happens without the input or informal blessing of the big cheese. The group operates in alignment with the ideas and values of the big cheese, and is probably happy to do so.

Away from the world of work, we might have a person to whom we look for guidance. Our personal big cheese possibly provides us with advice and wise words when we are facing challenges. Perhaps the person concerned is a personality from history or fiction and we turn to her or him with our queries, wondering what our big cheese would do under similar circumstances to ours.

Other characteristics of our big cheese are worth noting briefly: a mature outlook, a rounded perspective of life and a weighty presence. The list could go on, but no doubt we have selected our big cheese using personal criteria so I will stop now.

Your presence here is always appreciated. To join the conversation regarding the big cheese, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Warmest regards.


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