Streets ahead


Wherever we are now is possibly streets ahead of our position this time last year. Okay, so maybe nothing substantially has changed – same city, same job, same colleagues – yet with twelve months more experience we are indeed streets ahead.

It’s easy to focus on all the negative things surrounding us if we so choose. And conventional wisdom still tends to suggest that what we lack is more important than what we have or are. Even so, who we are and all that we do have is surely worthy of celebration, no?

Being streets ahead might, from another perspective, refer to where we are figuratively with our goals. Five months into the year and perhaps we are well on our way to achieving our targets. Regardless of the objectives in question, it could be beneficial now to reflect on our progress to date. Which aspects would prosper further from more attention? What, if anything, should be changed?

Well, to keep streets ahead of my to do list I’d better stop now. Thanks for connecting here today and please feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like to join the conversation about being streets ahead.

Kindest regards.


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