Over there



Over there from over here

“Over there everyone understands the benefits of caring for the environment.” “If only.”

“Over there nobody goes without medical assistance.” “Are you sure?”

“Over there people respect one another and say good morning in the street.” “In the past perhaps.”

“Over there is so much better than over here.” “Really?”

Being over here, or over there, doesn’t really change much unless we change our attitudes towards life.

If others, over there, can protect our one world, so could we. If others, over there, can revere the dignity of all – young, middle-aged and old – so could we. If others, over there, can live in peace, so could we.

Over here from over there

If others, over there, look over here what would they say about us?

Thanks for reading this today, from wherever you are.

Kindest regards.


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10 Responses to Over there

  1. Hello Brian:) Perhaps ‘Over There’ would make the same comments as us,’Here’! If we looked at the positives we might find that a large number of people ARE caring–and reverent–and aware–and polite. The more we applaud and notice the ‘wonderful’ things of our ‘Here’ life, the more others will follow suit! then there’ll no longer be any divide.
    Love from Marina

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Marina,

      Very valid points. Noticing and praising the good things (and people) making up the abundance of life surely doesn’t take any more time than that required to ‘moan and groan’, yet the benefits would be massive – for those here and there.

      Thanks for being part of the richness of this #one_world



  2. I agree Brian and very good point Marina. We all have control of what we contribute to life, the earth and each other, good or bad. But I agree Marina, I love to hear the positive and not just the negatives. Although if you follow Brian’s blog, he really is a very kind and positive man. I hope you both have a great week!

  3. What a wonderfully articulated article, Brian. Great job. I have always found this concept intriguing. In a way, there really is no “over there.” Or maybe there is …maybe “over there” is the way we wish things were. Be well. ~Paul

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Paul,

      Many thanks for your comment and kind support here. Yes, perhaps ‘over there’ is really ‘over here’ from another perspective, one based on what could be.

      Best wishes.


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