3 ways to handle an obstacle


3 ways to handle an obstacle? I rarely indulge in the ‘How to’ style of blog posts. After all, I believe you are, as the co-active coaching cornerstone goes, “naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.” You don’t need me to tell you anything.

However, please bear with me as I set out 3 ways to handle an obstacle for the benefit, at least, of opening up a conversation on the subject. At the end, should you choose to ignore them that’s fine. On the other hand, if you feel I could assist you through coaching please get in touch.

3 ways to handle an obstacle

i) Meditate on it.

Yes really, use it as a focal point for some concentrated meditation. Let the obstacle become the means to still ourselves as thoughts flow in our mind. The exercise could bring up an eventual solution to the obstacle as we contemplate it calmly. Alternatively, the pause itself might be the key to aligning with previously unseen options.

ii) Accept it.

As it is, and change direction immediately. Don’t give it a second thought as we move off along a different path. If the goal or final destination is the most important aspect of our activity, we needn’t feel attached to any specific road. Being held up is not always something we wish to allow.

iii) Embrace it.

It’s there, probably for a reason so let’s learn from it by getting up close to it. Maybe we discover our planning or preparation was not as complete as first thought. Possibly new considerations need to be factored into our work so as to eventually overcome this or similar obstacles in the future.

There, 3 ways to handle an obstacle. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. In the meantime, thanks for reading this today.

Kindest regards.


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