Perfect setting

Country road

Is there a perfect setting where each of us is at our best, inspired and alive to the moment? Looking for the perfect setting could be justified if we are certain our search will produce a positive, definitive result.

However, I’ve a suspicion the perfect setting lies within our heart and going here or there won’t change anything for us if we fail to connect with our heart.

With the right attitude and approach to the moment, the perfect setting could be anywhere when we are open to the opportunities of the place in which we find ourselves. Of course, although we can feel better in one place than in another, many factors impact on how we operate not just the issue of location.

Thinking of a dream setting is something different from a perfect setting. In our dreams, we may choose to focus on a specific beachside locality or a country retreat. The big city vibes can be appealing to others. In any case, the dream remains just that, unless we consciously set to work on making it our reality.

Thanks for connecting here today. If you wish to join the conversation, the comment box below is perhaps the perfect setting.

Best wishes to you.


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2 Responses to Perfect setting

  1. I totally agree Brian if you are totally at peace with yourself you can be happy and content anywhere. If you’re not the most idyllic place can be soured!

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Many thanks for connecting here and sharing your kind input.

      All the best.

      Brian 🙂

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