Travelling alone

Empty train“We can take comfort in the knowledge we are here together on this earth, even if at times we may be travelling alone.” #bgdtcoaching.

Years ago as a young backpacker I experienced for the first time what it is like to be travelling alone. Then the adventure was dominated by the countries being visited with curiosity and wonderment: France, Italy, Greece, Israel.

The backpack seemed to be a magnet for fellow travellers. For few stages of the trip was I actually travelling alone. Conversations often began whilst consulting railway timetables or museum opening times notices. I guess it was natural, as we were all out to see as many sights as a limited schedule and budget would permit.

Today travelling alone takes the form of commuting to and from Milan. Yet despite the change in destinations, something connects the journeys. And it’s that in effect we are never alone.

Nowadays the company is different as I, in theory, travel alone. I choose to travel with a phone to listen to music plus a notepad and pencil to draft these blog pages. The mind is free to wonder across the blank pages, drawing the pencil with it. And as the music plays, ideas oftentimes dance.

Your presence here makes the travelling alone beneficial. To join the conversation, please leave a comment below.

Best wishes to you.


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