Peace and quiet


“A few moments of peace and quiet can invariably be found,

if we choose to look for them.” #bgdtcoaching.

Even though we are striving forward, pushing on relentlessly towards our desired destination, perhaps we shouldn’t forget the benefits of a few moments of peace and quiet every now and then.

Catching our breath, or maybe just being aware of it would suffice, for a short while is many times enough for us to reconnect with ourselves in the middle of a busy schedule. And putting things on hold as we refocus our attention from the outside to the inside won’t harm anyone.

However, a period of peace and quiet for us can recharge our batteries, allow us to briefly take stock of the day and possibly, if necessary, rekindle enthusiasm to carry on with our plans and activities.

And of course we don’t really need to head down to the beach to do it, although if you are like me you’ll jump at the opportunity to listen to the waves, feel the water on the toes and watch the seagulls glide over the water.

Still, a deep breath or two wherever we find ourselves can take us out of the daily routine and plunge us into a feeling of peace and quiet right now. If you wish for a slightly longer pause, the vlog post entitled ‘Peace and quiet‘ (click here to view) could be of interest.

Thanks for being here. To share your input on the issue of peace and quiet, please leave a comment below.

Best regards.


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6 Responses to Peace and quiet

  1. Ah, it looks and sounds like a wonderful plan! I hope your doing just this today, I know we are. If its appropriate, Happy Father’s Day Brian, if not, Happy Sunday my friend! (=

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