Taking the steps


In the past we may have thought nothing of taking the steps two at a time. Our enthusiasm to reach our objective energized us, with little regard to the possibility of tripping up or stumbling as we moved quickly.

Taking the steps to get to wherever we wish to go, physically or in terms of our goals, nowadays can be somewhat more arduous and time-consuming. We might find each step requires maximum effort with little certainty of us being able to make the successive ones.

Yet taking the steps need not be exclusively about going upwards, moving in the direction dictated by society. Up or down are merely indications, labels, and we can choose the best way for us. For example, in the case of the steps in the photo here, taking the steps down would lead us to the beach and eventually the sea…

Let me close now with one final thought regarding taking the steps: each step in the direction of our goals is a proactive action. Thanks for reading this. To join the conversation, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.


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4 Responses to Taking the steps

  1. Sometimes even baby steps work. Hope you had a wonderful weekend Brian. (=

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