Kicking back

Chairs on the beach

“Kick back: informal be at leisure; relax.”

New Oxford American Dictionary.

What could be better, a moment to just let the world float by, the only action required is that of kicking back and enjoying the rest.

Taking stock of wherever we find ourselves at the end of the first six months of the year could be a case of merely looking around. If we feel more inclined we might measure our performance to date against estimates and forecasts laid out in January, or even before then.

Either way, kicking back really does mean just that, so such reviews can wait whilst we pause, connect with the present and possibly pat ourselves on the back for having reached this milestone.

Giving ourselves credit for our achievements so far can, when the time is right, get us back into action for the second half of the year. But let’s, for now, just relish a few minutes of kicking back.

Enjoy! And if you get bored kicking back, feel free to leave a comment, and/or connect with me via any of the platforms below.

Best wishes.


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2 Responses to Kicking back

  1. I’m not getting bored Brian neither had the chance to kick back yet! This will have to wait till the 2nd half of August.

    I love your post, so refreshing!

    I’ve started using Twitter regularly since February, and blogging since May. I believe I’m doing fine so far & I’m so happy about that. This provides me a deeper sense of satisfaction that I haven’t felt lately.

    So my 1st half of 2013 went quite well so far and nothing would stop the remaining half to be equally or even better!


    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Hoda,

      Many thanks for connecting here. Your year to date sounds exciting and I wish you well for the coming months. Using the various social media platforms to share ideas and connect with folk in our world is a richness of our times.

      All the best.

      Brian 🙂

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