Seeing the big picture


“Seeing the big picture implies taking in the grandness of the moment.” #bgdtcoaching.

On occasions seeing the big picture is not a matter of choice, but rather a necessity. We need to focus on all that is before us as we are expected to add value to the day by way of our ideas and input.

The variety of life might also mean there will be situations for which we are obliged to concentrate on details. Yet being able to place these individual aspects in the big picture, produces a clarity of vision and an enlightened understanding in its own way.

Seeing the big picture can be tough if we have a natural instinct to jump in and micromanage the moment. We may know our efforts could crowd out others, especially if we are in a leadership position. However, allowing others to express themselves encourages collaboration. And such a benefit is surely worth the effort of holding our tongues at times.

Valid for this reflection on seeing the big picture, back in March 2012 in the post ‘The big picture’, click here to read, I wrote “What we see before us is perhaps only one aspect of our universe. We might live, work and feel comfortable in a number of different locations. Alternatively this is it, the place where we spend our time and enjoy our existence. Either way, seeing the big picture helps bring clarity to our being.”

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