Maximizing development efforts

Lecture hall

Maximizing development efforts is a proactive process” #bgdtcoaching.

Regardless of the subject matter, if we are spending time, energy and money on improving ourselves, then maximizing development efforts is likely to be uppermost in our minds. Though each area of learning has its own requirements, certain general actions can yield invaluable returns.

Ask. If things aren’t clear, ask for clarification. Request recommended reading lists; enquire about tried and tested ways to assimilate the material into existing knowledge. Speaking up is an essential development step and as the saying goes: “There are no stupid questions.”

Concentrate. Giving quality time to studying brings the best results. Concentrate during the learning sessions and whilst undertaking follow-up exercises afterwards. If we have set aside a part of our life for developing ourselves, let’s not be distracted by other things going on around us.

Think. New ideas, concepts or whatever all need to be thought about in a systematic manner. To help us internalize new knowledge we can think about how it fits with our actual understanding of the subject. Pondering what else we would like to know encourages us to seek out more details. Considering how we will use the learning can be motivating in itself.

However you go about maximizing development efforts, many thanks for connecting here. To share your input on the question of maximizing development efforts, please leave a comment below.

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