Feeling crowded out


“Feeling crowded out is a sensation

we can choose to hold onto or let go of.”


Feeling crowded out can mean all sorts of things to us. Perhaps it refers to that sensation of being at the side or back of a group of people who appear not to notice us. Out input is ignored, our opinion dismissed. Holding onto this invariably brings us done and eats away at our self-confidence.

Whether this is actually the case or not, feeling crowded out can have us believing we are excluded from those around us. Yet feeling crowded out, more often than not, is a matter of our attitude towards whatever it is we are participating in.

Our attitude may actually be stopping others from getting close to us. We might be uninterested, critical, sceptical, indifferent even hostile, and such things impact negatively on how we come across. Altering our attitude, or at least suspending judgement for the duration of the event, could be enough for us to overcome feeling crowded out.

Letting go of feeling crowded out, choosing not to put up with it, can also be achieved by merely walking away, ideally in the direction of others who appreciate more our presence. As the saying goes, “We are not trees rooted to the spot.”

Kindest regards.


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