Focus: morning, noon and night

“Opportunities arrive when the mind is focused on heartfelt goals.” #bgdtcoaching.

Focus is considered a fundamental component for achieving success in any endeavour we undertake. Yet keeping ourselves focused is not easy, especially if we are not so interested in the activity in question.

That said, working on heartfelt goals invariably creates the conditions for us to focus morning, noon and night.

Brighton Beach in the morning

Morning. A thrilling goal gets our feet tingling and provides focus right from the moment we awake. Opportunities are waiting for us and we can’t wait to reach out to them.

Brighton Beach at noon

Noon. With our focus consolidated by our actions, we may find ourselves going about our activities with a smile on our face lighting up the north, the south, the east and the west. We are focused and fully engaged on obtaining our objectives.

Brighton Beach at night

Night. Though the day has slipped into night, our focus offers us reserves of energy. Our heartfelt goals are before us and sleep is not an option as adrenaline carries us forward.

Maybe the day has passed too quickly and our goals have eluded us today. Certain issues could require additional input, but tomorrow is another day and quoting from ‘The turning wheel’ vlog post (click here to read/view), “With focused attention this time around we might see meaning and significance in the sights surrounding us.”

Thanks for connecting here today. To join the focus conversation, please leave a comment below.

Kindest regards.


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