Taking our place

Theatre noticeTaking our place at the theatre is easy, we have a ticket and our seat is clearly indicated. From the stalls to the gods our place awaits us.

Away from the theatre, we need to work on taking our place in life. There are few guarantees regarding our eventual placing. Effort doesn’t always equate to rewards; sometimes it can seem we are getting nowhere despite our sacrifices and hard work.


Looking at it from another angle, perhaps we need to realize our place is exactly where we are right now. Attempting to move somewhere else just means we never get to ‘be’ here.

Taking our place from this thinking is about connecting with each moment. Though we might not like where we are, as Bob Marley sang “You can’t run away from yourself.”

The ‘Taking our place‘ vlog post, dating back to May 2012 (click here to read/view), refers to other perspectives regarding this question.

As ever, these words are not meant to be taken as anything but ideas to possibly stimulate thought and maybe conversation. To share your input on the issue of taking our place, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for being here.


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