Ways to enjoy the day


If asked, I guess you could list at least ten ways to enjoy the day. Questioning another person would probably produce an additional ten methods, and so it could go on ad infinitum.

Ways to enjoy the day might be influenced by our current location, our actual wellbeing or even our present outlook on life. If we are working right now our options may be limited, yet enjoyment can also be obtained by doing our best at work.

Some folk could be in the middle of their annual vacation and juggling any number of ways to enjoy the day. For those who are celebrating their birthday today, ways to enjoy the day might include time with loved ones.

Connecting with the day through our senses provides different ways to enjoy the moment. Just acknowledging we are here right now is a way to enjoy the day, mindful of those no longer with us.

Whatever ways to enjoy the day you have in mind, here’s wishing you an excellent time.

Warmest regards.


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4 Responses to Ways to enjoy the day

  1. Brian, I always look forward to reading your blogs, you are a kind man with marvelous insight and a great attitude! You enlighten and brighten our days. Thank you! (=

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