Ups and downs



Life is full of ups and downs; it’s a succession of both good and bad experiences according to our perception of each moment.

Small ups and downs come along to lift us or test our patience. We may think of them as the minor distractions, positive or negative, we encounter as we live out our existence.

The medium ups and downs can be those which keep us awake at night. Whether exciting or disturbing, these items have the strength to command our attention until the matter in question is concluded adequately.

As for the large ups and downs, we each need to deal with them to the best of our abilities. Enjoying the good times and navigating through the bad times is something we cannot delegate. Yet we grow as we live life, and lessons learnt yesterday can assist us today for tomorrow.

In the words of the American author and speaker Denis Waitley, “View life as a continuous learning experience.”

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