Benefits of a break


This time of the year is often associated with vacations, long or short breaks from our daily routines. Believing in the benefits of a break, we may leave our everyday schedule and head off to a different location.

Yet what exactly are these benefits of a breaks? Naturally we all have our own ideas about them. Here, however, are some general considerations that might sound familiar.

– A change of location can encourage us to experience life in new ways (changes to our sleeping/waking patterns, etc.) albeit for a limited period. Perhaps in some cases we may wish to carry on with them upon our return home.

– We might discover different foods and customs. Even if they don’t entice us much, they at least confirm to us our preferences for our habitual choices.

– How we behave when we encounter situations not usually found back home provides us with input and learning, thus expanding awareness of ourselves.

– Putting distance between ourselves and our day-to-day life gives us the chance to assess how successful our past choices have been in providing us with our desired life, based on our values and goals.

– Oftentimes when we are involved in our activities we are too concentrated to see the bigger picture. A break affords us the opportunity to reflect on the results obtained to date and ponder what more can be done when we get back.

Various benefits of a break from a seaside perspective. Maybe things would look different from the top of a mountain or the streets of a busy city. To join the benefits of a break conversation, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for being here today.


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