Embracing openness


Embracing openness within our everyday activities is an aspect of life we may never actually give much consideration to. After all, in many ways we all might believe openness is a natural attitude we bring to our efforts and actions.

Whether engaged in our work or getting on with living life in other areas of our existence, embracing openness is very much a case of being comfortable where we are and be ourselves, as we are no matter what.

Space can actually feel limited, yet embracing openness is often also about letting our minds connect with our true nature and, in doing so, our limits fade away.

Accepting, without necessarily liking, is a part of embracing openness in others. It is a case of meeting people as they are. Our opinions may differ though our similarities as humans surely outnumber such things.

In closing, let me just refer to the words of the teacher, author and speaker Leo Buscaglia: “Love is always open arms.”

Thanks for reading this. If you want to join the conversation on embracing openness, please leave a comment below.

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