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Zeal: “noun eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something; keenness.” The New Penguin English Dictionary.

Time drags without zeal for what we are doing, being, experiencing or aiming to achieve. The sensation of ‘going through the motions’ may be the opposite of working with zeal, but unfortunately it seems to be the predominant accompaniment to work for many.

Zeal for operating at our potential need not mean we have to rush around attempting to gee-up ourselves and others. For some this might actually be fine, but invariably our best efforts are given when we are ourselves, with inner zeal being that steely component capable of seeing us through challenges and the like.

We can probably think of people whose zeal carries them forward to do so much and reach goals whilst living what seems to be a full life filled with work, pleasure, fun and free time. And yet although we may not recognize it, others surely likewise see such zeal in us when we are engaged in activities aligned to our values and life purpose.

Thanks for reading these thoughts today. To share your input regarding the matter of zeal, please post a comment below.

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