A sense of purpose

Man walking along a path

A sense of purpose in the heart directs actions.” #bgdtcoaching.

As a person motivated by advancing towards chosen objectives, I seem to surround myself with like-minded folk. Whether it’s a case of attempting to improve our lot, be our best or any other personal goal, a sense of purpose in the heart directs actions.

As we strive along the road with a sense of purpose I wonder, however, how often we spare a thought for those not in the best of positions to achieve their goals.

Lifting our eyes for a moment we could see one or two fellow human beings lost to their nightmares whilst clutching a bottle on the park bench. Others are possibly wheeling around their possessions in a shopping cart, oblivious to our furtive glances.

Yet also these people might have a sense of purpose. Their goals may refer to their basic survival and, although we could be upset by their condition, they can spur us to greater consideration for all in this one world of ours.

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