Various types of tomatoes

Even if usual tasks apparently offer us few occasions for variety, with effort we can invariably find ways to add it to our day.

Various small targets can be set to induce variety: aim to smile five times in ten minutes; avoid saying anything negative to the next person we meet; find three reasons to be grateful as we look around right now. These, and others, can change our perspective without altering our tasks.

Variety of attitudes remains ever under our control be it at work or indeed anywhere else. Choosing to be positive, happy, content, caring or cooperative, for example, ensures we are at least not adding to the often perceived ‘unhappiness’ of the day.

With an open mind variety can present itself in numerous guises. We might wish to examine habits and routines, especially if these are usually undertaken as if on autopilot. With just a little effort our world could expand as variety brings to light opportunities previously hidden behind out-dated actions.

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