Pushing our limits

Cracked wall

“By pushing our limits we expand our world.” #bgdtcoaching.

This Pushing our limits post should perhaps begin with a proviso. I don’t mean in any way to imply we should overdo or exaggerate any physical or mental activity that could result in bringing harm to ourselves or others.

Pushing our limits here refers to the idea of enhancing life. Expanding our world by moving beyond our doubts, especially those regarding our capacity to fulfil our potential and live life to the full, begins with us pushing our limits.

Ignoring possibilities to be our best, on the other hand, in a sense reinforces those limits that keep us playing safe and small. Cracks however will appear in the self-limiting thinking once we make the effort to examine the validity of those fears and doubts holding us back.

Why we latched onto certain negative views about ourselves in the first place is not important. If their presence is beginning to make us feel restricted in some way, now would be a good time to believe a little more in ourselves and start pushing our limits.

Pushing our limits is of course not always comfortable. Yet if we recall just one occasion in which we undertook successfully something we initially believed beyond our ability we can draw courage from it. Many times limits have been imposed on us by others and pushing them we may find they have no relevance to us today. Limits need not define us.

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About Brian

Brian Groves DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer and CTI-trained co-active coach, supplies professional and personal development through coaching, coaching workshops, marketing development training and English language training.

As an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, Brian teaches a postgraduate course based on dramatic texts and elements of coaching to examine various work-related performance matters.


Coaching, performing and thinking at work (2013), Reflections on performance at work (2012), Elements of theatre at work (2010) and Training through drama for work (2009).


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