Being wary

A cat being wary

“Without mistrusting everyone and everything, at times being wary is appropriate.” #bgdtcoaching.

Though each of us has an element of goodness guiding our actions, being wary on occasions keeps us out of danger and possibly also mischief.

Being wary we might choose to a) look before we leap; b) measure twice and then cut once and c) recall all that glitters is not gold. Clichés yes, but when listened to they invariably save us pain at a later date.

Of course, occasionally being wary works against us. We may feel an intuitive urge to dive into a situation. Then second guess ourselves, hold back and end up missing out on what would have been an opportunity for us had we indeed dived in.

Finding the balance between being wary and being bold is an individual task. Our assessment of the moment can guide us and, hopefully, our intuition will tip the scale one way or another for us. Or perhaps not.

Please feel free to share your input on the topic of being wary by leaving a comment below.


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About Brian

Brian Groves DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer and CTI-trained co-active coach, supplies professional and personal development through coaching, coaching workshops, marketing development training and English language training.

As an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, Brian teaches a postgraduate course based on dramatic texts and elements of coaching to examine various work-related performance matters.


Personal performance potential at work (2014), Coaching, performing and thinking at work (2013), Reflections on performance at work (2012), Elements of theatre at work (2010) and Training through drama for work (2009).


2 Responses to Being wary

  1. cav12 says:

    It’s also a bit like trusting your gut instinct. I wish I had done that more.

    • bgdtcoaching says:

      Hi Luciana,

      Many thanks for connecting and sharing here. In terms of trusting your gut instinct, there is nothing like starting today 😉

      Hugs to you.


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