Great when finished



Unfinished building

Great when finished perhaps, perfect right now for sure.” #bgdtcoaching.

It is easy to slip into the thinking of the unsatisfied. No matter what we do, regardless of all we achieve, outstanding opportunities play on our mind. ‘Great when finished‘ may be the motto of those looking ever forward.

Yet this approach to life places an enormous burden on people. As I noted in the ‘Moving ahead‘ post of April 2014 (click here to read) “We are not a ‘finished item’ but rather a ‘work in progress’.” Neglecting today for tomorrow could mean we miss out on the enjoyment of now.

Believing we will be great when finished, attempting to improve ourselves is certainly one thing. But by being authentic we are being our best self now, irrespective of whatever aspects we want to improve in ourselves.

Spending a fraction of our time connecting with all that is in our life, we might discover the ‘great when finished’ evaluation is unfair given how fantastic life is already. Or possibly not. To share your thoughts on the question of things being great when finished, please leave a comment below.



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About Brian

Brian Groves DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer and CTI-trained co-active coach, supplies professional and personal development through coaching, coaching workshops, marketing development training and English language training.

As an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, Brian teaches a postgraduate course based on dramatic texts and elements of coaching to examine various work-related performance matters.


Personal performance potential at work (2014), Coaching, performing and thinking at work (2013), Reflections on performance at work (2012), Elements of theatre at work (2010) and Training through drama for work (2009).


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