Being alert

Alert life guard

Being alert is not just a requisite for a life guard or any similar figure performing a role of responsibility. During the course of undertaking most jobs in the modern workplace, being alert is a key element of achieving our best, giving our all.

Without being alert to the moment, to the needs of ourselves and those of others, we most likely risk to embrace only half-heartedly possibilities forming the day. Furthermore, being alert is also something we should be if we are to understand the significance of each phase of life.

Moving through life as if in a trance is an option some it seems choose to take up. Yet that does not mean it is right automatically for us. Awareness, being alert, is a way of connecting with the here and now. Anything else is a shadow of what could be.

Let’s imagine the number of items we would not be able to appreciate if we were not being alert right now: the presence of loved ones, nature, occasions to live our potential, opportunities to laugh, and so forth.

Being alert to the length of this post, let me stop now. As ever, please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Kindest regards and thanks for reading this ‘Being alert‘ post today.


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About Brian

Brian Groves DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer, CTI-trained co-active coach and freelance trainer, supplies professional and personal development through coaching, coaching workshops, marketing development training and English language training.

As an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, Brian teaches a postgraduate course based on dramatic texts and elements of coaching to examine various work-related performance matters.


Performance skills at work (2015), Personal performance potential at work (2014), Coaching, performing and thinking at work (2013), Reflections on performance at work (2012), Elements of theatre at work (2010) and Training through drama for work (2009).


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