A tranquil outlook

A tranquil outlook

Although the environment is not the only factor important for the creation of a tranquil outlook, it is undoubtedly a key item.

Nevertheless, linking our personal approach to life to the external world is at best a risky endeavour. Giving such a responsibility to something oftentimes beyond our control puts us at the mercy of whatever crops up to impact our surroundings.

A tranquil outlook that springs from the heart, on the contrary, is one capable of filling us with joy in any location. Our inner serenity, built possibly on the pillars of kindness and compassion, can be viewed as a personal guidance system.

It directs us in a way of being attuned to the finer qualities of human nature. With a tranquil outlook of this kind in operation we are capable of resisting the knee-jerk responses of anger or fear so prevalent in everyday interactions for many people.

Whether bringing into play the ability to appreciate what is beyond the immediate, or to let go of wanting to micromanage everything around us, a tranquil outlook is surely a beneficial mindset to adopt.

Over time we might, of course, find the necessity to put aside a tranquil outlook to engage in a more hands on manner with the moment. Flexibility to live the present as we deem best and knowing nothing is permanent are, arguably, also components of a tranquil outlook.

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2 Responses to A tranquil outlook

  1. Mongezi says:

    The post is a sobering reminder of how how kindness coupled with well balanced confidence helps us to enjoy the tranquil outlook. Ofcourse the scenery could elevate our outlook at any given moment but since this is extrernal , the inner scenery commands more developments .

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