Is time running from us?



With twenty-four hours in today and most likely forty-eight hours worth of things to do by tomorrow, we could be forgiven for asking ourselves; “Is time running from us?

Looking at where the time has gone may be a valid investment of a few minutes, yet invariably we already know how we have spent the day so far.

Oftentimes it is by tapping into others’ expectations and agenda we find ourselves with a sinking feeling when we enquire “Is time running from us?

Attempting to be everything for everyone and trying to fulfil every call on our time rarely produces success.

Working according to thought-out priorities is a way of ensuring the answer to the question “Is time running from us?” is a resounding “No!

The unexpected is surely to be expected, however. Even so, by living fully each moment we are in our way making sure time isn’t running from us.

And by focusing on key objectives we get the chance to live our potential, as opposed to merely exist as if on autopilot.

If you’d like to explore the issue of how you use time to achieve your objectives, please get in contact and we can arrange a complimentary coaching call via Skype or Google+ hangout.

For now, thanks for reading ‘Is time running from us?‘ today.


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About Brian

Brian Groves DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer, CTI-trained co-active coach and freelance trainer, supplies professional and personal development through coaching, coaching workshops, marketing development training and English language training.

As an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, Brian teaches a postgraduate course based on dramatic texts and elements of coaching to examine various work-related performance matters.


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